How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home

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Wall art is a great way to add extra style and personality to your home and pull your room décor together. Though there is no set in stone rules, there are certain tips for ensuring that you get the most out of your art and make the most out of your space.

Choosing Wall Art for Your Living Room

When many people look to upgrade their décor with wall art, the first thought will be for the living room. This is an area where lots of time is spent, especially with guests. Due to this, it is an extremely fun room to decorate, but it can also be very intimidating with so many possibilities and potential ideas.

Room with Wall Art

A good way to start is by deciding whether you want one piece of wall art or a statement gallery wall. One large piece of wall art can be an easy and simple way to bring together the colours and themes for your room. A gallery wall can be a good way to exhibit similar colours, themes, or artists together. It can be done in a personal and creative way by incorporating your own framed photos which follow similar colour palettes or themes. A good way to start a gallery wall is to get a couple of larger images and then gradually fill in the gaps with progressively smaller images.

Living Room With Wall Art

Another way of presenting wall art on a large wall is by using a triptych, which is a set of three images, usually of the same size and theme. These are extremely popular and are able to work as a single piece of art side by side, or by themselves if you feel like splitting them and putting them in different rooms.

Choosing Wall Art for Your Bedroom

It is important to choose art that evokes the right feeling for your room. So, before you set out to purchase some wall art, think about what emotion you want the room to give. In terms of the bedroom a relaxing minimalist vibe will generally be the way to go. It could be an abstract piece of art that ties the colours of the room together or an image or quote which reflects your personality.

If you buy some art and realise that it doesn’t fit your room as well as you had hoped, a simple frame can change the feel of the art and make it right for your home.

Bedroom with Wall Art

Choosing Wall Art for Your Kitchen

It can be easy to forget about kitchen décor when you're focused on your living room and bedroom, despite the kitchen being the heart of the home and in some cases, where a lot of time is spent. Unlike wall art in the living room where it can be extremely effective to have a statement wall with large art or a gallery set up, the kitchen can often be better suited to smaller pieces to compliment the room and not overwhelm. Choosing the wrong size of wall art can also throw off the balance of the room. Also, with the nature of kitchens, having too much décor may require a lot of extra cleaning and maintenance.

Kitchen with Wall Art

Choosing Wall Art for Your Office

Art is a good way to personalise an office in a way that inspires you. It can be thought of as a mood board to bring inspiration to you. A good way to keep your work area fresh is by utilising shelves and art in photo frames which can easily be swapped. Or a gallery wall can achieve the same mood board and inspirational feel. Plants can also brighten up a workspace and work well alongside art.

Office Space with Wall Art

Choosing Wall Art for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that often gets forgotten about in terms of décor and wall art. However, it can be extremely effective and show that a lot of thought and effort has gone into your home. Often clean looking seascapes or light abstract art works well in pairs in bathrooms. But it should be reflective of the current colours and tones of the room.

Bathroom with Wall Art

The most important thing when choosing wall art for your home is just to see what you can find and what promotes the feelings that you want your rooms to give off. Whether you want modern, boho, chic, traditional, simplistic, or even a fusion of styles, carefully considered wall art can solidify the vibe you are looking for.

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